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Latest Release

Verdandi 1.7 (2015-09-28). Verdandi is provided under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License).

Support and Requests

If you have any question or comment, you may contact us.

Documents Related to Verdandi Design

This introduction explains the objectives and the target contents of the library. It addresses the design and the development process.

Practical Design

A thorough study of existing libraries for linear algebra has been carried out to choose Seldon for providing Verdandi with vectors, matrices and related operations.

A study of several libraries to manage configuration files has initially concluded that GetPot should be used to read the configurations. Eventually, we switched to Ops: the configuration files are written in Lua, which makes the configuration files easy to read and write for the beginner, and yet very powerful for advanced users.

Verdandi provides a high level interface in Python generated via Swig. The tools to build a high level interface on top of the C++ source code have been listed and studied.

The coding standards are available.